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Country Cottages in the UK

The UK is made up of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. When it comes to visiting England many visitors from different countries look to book a pretty quintessentially English country cottage.

country cottages UK
Country cottages UK
Country cottages can be thatched and many people think of country cottages as most definately being pretty and cute. England has a wealth of history and this includes many historic country cottages – many of which are Grade II listed.

It is not only in England though where you can find pretty country cottages. There are plenty of attractive country cottages in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Although you will not find quintessentially English country cottages outside of England, in the countries of Scotland, Wales and Ireland you can still find charming cottages in picturesque countryside.

The different countries of the UK all offer something different for visitors. All offer a real sense of history which delights foreign visitors. Our tradition of Kings and Queens, castles and country houses is fascinating for history lovers the world over.

All the different countries within the UK have their own charms and attractions.

self-catering holidays in Scotland
self-catering holidays in Scotland
Scotland is a land of wild landscapes, castles and whisky trails.
The wildlife in Scotland – particularly if you head for the sparsely populated Highlands is amazing with deer roaming free and eagles soaring in the sky. The Islands of Scotland are particularly attractive for those looking for a peaceful country cottage break and for those who love nature.

Holidays in Wales
Holidays in Wales
Wales is known for amazing mountain scenery and beautiful valleys. The accent of the people in Wales also has a sing song quality and some of the best singers in the UK come from Wales.
Wales has amazing Snowdonia which attracts lots of visitors but also a beautiful coastline which is popular with birdwatchers – in some parts of Wales it is possible to spot Puffins. Wales is an attractive destination for a peaceful country cottage break.

cottage holidays in Ireland
cottage holidays in Ireland
Ireland is across the water requiring a ferry trip or a flight to get there. Like Wales and Scotland, Ireland offers a level of tranquillity not easily found in many parts of England.

Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle for the beautiful green countryside. There is an amazing coastline and many pretty villages to discover in Ireland – making this a great country to visit for a country cottage holiday.

self-catering country cottages England
self-catering country cottages England
England is home to many pretty areas which are wonderful for country cottage holidays.

The South West is popular as a summer holiday destination with Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset attracting many with a beautiful coastline and lovely beaches. Kent is known as the Garden of England and has a rural charm.

The Cotswolds is a gorgeous area with many pretty historical villages dotted between amazingly beautiful quintessentially English countryside. Further north is East Anglia and the attractive counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, many of which are home to oldey worldey villages and pretty countryside.

Further north still is the Heart of England and Shakespeare country with amazingly beautiful cities like Stratford upon Avon and Warwick. Up in the north of England there are the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Northumberland where the country has a distinctly Scottish flavour with castles making their mark. There are so many wonderful areas of England which are just great for cottage breaks.