Cottage holidays in the Country

There are times when people love taking cottage holidays in the country to go for long walks, visit country gardens, perhaps do a little fishing or play a round of golf. Britain is the second most densely populated country after the Netherlands and yet we have some incredible rural areas and national parks for outdoor activites and recreation. People visit the national parks for self-catering holidays and days out, for picnics or even just a drive around to see the scenery. Much more can discovered on foot, following way-marked paths and trails. There are often waterfalls and beauty spots to encounter along the way.

Much of the population of Britain is concentrated in cities and towns. People left the rural areas as they did in other countries in search of employment. And yet those rural villages and hamlets remain the ideal locations for many should they be able to have a holiday home for even a weekend retreat. There are plenty of cottages in the country that have been bought up for investment as holiday homes and these are rented out to holidaymakers for a week or two and less frequently, for weekend breaks.
rent a cottage in the country in Britain